Thursday, March 8, 2007

Upper & Lower Yellowstone Falls

Upper & Lower Yellowstone falls
Yellowstone National Park

Both of these water falls are spectacular.
I think it's a combination of the falls the grand canyon of Yellowstone and the scenery. That make these two falls what they are.

Both of these falls are worth making the drive to view them. They are very easy to find. Assuming you can read and follow a map. lol If you don' t have a map the easiest way to find the falls would be from canyon village. And then from their just follow the signs. It's hard to miss

I Can't say enough good things about this place. Ok i can't say enough good things about the park in general. lol But this is one my top five favorite places in the park to visit.
For a couple of different reasons. One i like water falls. Two the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is mind blowing. Three their are many trails and viewing areas here. Like Uncle Toms Trail. To name one. Any way i know i am never disapointed or let down when i come here.
So Please and As Always Help Keep Our Park Clean Thank you.

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