Thursday, March 8, 2007

Upper & Lower Yellowstone Falls

Upper & Lower Yellowstone falls
Yellowstone National Park

Both of these water falls are spectacular.
I think it's a combination of the falls the grand canyon of Yellowstone and the scenery. That make these two falls what they are.

Both of these falls are worth making the drive to view them. They are very easy to find. Assuming you can read and follow a map. lol If you don' t have a map the easiest way to find the falls would be from canyon village. And then from their just follow the signs. It's hard to miss

I Can't say enough good things about this place. Ok i can't say enough good things about the park in general. lol But this is one my top five favorite places in the park to visit.
For a couple of different reasons. One i like water falls. Two the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is mind blowing. Three their are many trails and viewing areas here. Like Uncle Toms Trail. To name one. Any way i know i am never disapointed or let down when i come here.
So Please and As Always Help Keep Our Park Clean Thank you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Terrace
Yellowstone National Park

Mammoth Hot Springs Is a great place for the whole family.
It is full of history,wildlife,cool rock formations and hot springs.
It is also home to the park head quarters.

You can find Mammoth Hot Springs on any park map.
But just for fun it's located closest to the north entrance. Or between Norris Geyser Basin and Tower Roosevelt. Mammoth Terrace Drive is just a short drive south out of Mammoth Hot Springs Town and Park head quarters. Be Prepared The Terrace Drive is closed from late October until sometime in April. We learned this the hard way last year. OOPS.

Mammoth just like every were else in the park is a very unique place.
When you come to visit I would allow your self's enough time to do some reading and some exploring. This is a very big place. With an almost overwhelming amount of things to see.
I also highly recommend Mammoth Terrace Drive. This Great Drive that will blow every one's mind the first time they travel this road.

Please Remember To Keep our park clean and to help pick up after other more careless visitors.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Tower Water Fall

Tower Water Fall
Yellowstone National Park

Tower Fall is one of my 5 best places in the park to visit. The view of the water fall mixed with wild life land scape and scenery are what make this place so wonderful.

You can find Tower Fall South of Tower Roosevelt. And North of Canyon Village. I've been through here from both directions . And both ways are unreal. Tower village is also a great place to stop and picnic or even camp. The water fall viewing area has a nice gift shop and some food services. There are two different viewing areas for the water fall. The first is the easiest and is just a short walk from the parking area. The second is a hiking trail down closer to the base of the water fall. However the last time i was here sadly. The trail had eroded to the point were the water fall could no longer be seen from the trail.

Tower Roosevelt is such a big area. I have not even begun to do it justice. Their are so many wonderful and special things to see here and on the way here. The road is like no other you have ever been on. That i can promise you. So for these reasons and many others i make it a point to come here every time i visit the park.

And as always please haul out your own trash . And pick up others trash when you can