Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Uncle Toms Trail

Uncle Toms Trail
Yellowstone National Park.

Uncle Toms Trail is a long steep trail.
That Drops in to the grand canyon of Yellowstone.
This is a great place to view the lower falls from.

The Trail head is easy to find. Like most trails in the park it is well marked. The best way to find the uncle toms trail. Is to drive to Artist Point. You will see the signs for the trail once you cross the river.

This Trail is long and steep it will take you at least an hour. If your in good shape. So you may want to plan a little extra time. And take water and snacks.
This is one of my favorite trails in the park. because it's kinda off the beaten path. And it's a more intermediate to advanced hike you usually don't see allot of people here.

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