Monday, February 19, 2007

Old Faithful

Well what can i say about Old Faithful? Other than the obvious. I do love going to Old Faithful in the late fall. It is my favorite time of the year to see all of the geysers in Yellowstone.

The first two pictures are Old Faithful the third picture was taken from the Old Faithful viewing area. From the viewing area you can see a few other geysers off in the distance. There are trails that will take you to these geysers.

There is also a great trail that goes up the side of the mountain. This trail offers a great view of the whole Old Faithful area. And along the way on this trail their is also many hot water pools. I like this trail because most of the time you have the trail to your self. Especially the upper trail. The trail is pretty short but it's kinda steep so that discourages most people.

Old Faithful is always worth the wait. It never fells to amaze me with it's power and force. And every time i go. I see and experience something new. So if your lucky and get to see old faith erupt. I think you will find it worth the making the trip.

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